The silhouette of a woman’s body has been synonymous with glamour for centuries. This shape of elegance is easily recognized by its obvious curves, especially in the lower end. The Brazilian Buttocks Lift is designed to give women the ideal shape, with added suppleness to the buttocks through the use of fat transfers. For those who desire a fuller, more rounded rear-end, a Brazilian butt lift could be the perfect solution.


Many women have already experienced the blissful results from a Brazilian Butt Lift. The procedure is a form of fat transfer that takes fat cells from unwanted areas, and repurposes these cells to give you a beautiful curved figure, exactly where you want it. If you’re looking to reshape your body with a defining, formed rear-end, then a Brazilian butt-lift is a very safe and effective option with reasonable recovery time.


The recovery process may change from person to person, and that is why Dr. Kadz handles each patient with unique care and attention. However, you can expect to fully experience your beautiful new curves within a few weeks. Here is what a standard recovery period may look like.

First week – Potentially significant swelling and bruising, therefore, patients may choose to avoid others in a social or professional setting.

Second week - Bruising will begin to subside, but patients will still experience swelling.

Third week – The overall appearance and swelling will improve greatly. Patients can typically resume their normal, day-to-day activities.

Fourth week – By this time, the swelling will have subsided enough for you to begin to appreciate your beautiful new curved shape. However, some swelling may persist for a few more weeks.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Kadz will discuss the full process in detail as it pertains to your unique situation. Because the surgery uses fat from your own body, it is often considered one of the most natural ways to add shape and definition to your buttocks. Already, women everywhere have experienced a more youthful and prominent body profile after their Brazilian Buttocks Lift. Are you next? Contact us today!