Arms are often used as symbol of strength, but no matter how strong a person may be, some excess skin is often left near the underarm. Many women have drooping, sagging appearance near the tricep area, under the arm. This situation is unavoidable for many due to fluctuations in weight, growing older, or hereditary factors. Already, many women have discovered the solution to this problem with an arm tuck surgery.


Similar in concept to a tummy tuck, an arm tuck removes excess fat using liposuction and then tightens the skin to give a youthful tones appearance of the upper arms. Year after year, the procedure has become increasingly popular due to new technology and surgical techniques that have made the arm tuck safer and more effective than ever. With a minimally invasive incision, patients will be able to enjoy toned arms in sleeveless gowns without a large scar.


After an arm lift surgery, most physicians prescribe medication to handle pain and swelling and a healthy dose of rest. After a few weeks, swelling will begin subside and you will be able to fully appreciate your new look! Each patient is handled on a case by case basis and given personal attention based on each unique situation.

With a procedure so safe and effective, it’s no mystery why thousands of women have already completed an arm tuck procedure. After recovery, patients have discovered the feeling of lifting their arms without a care in the world. Could you be the next one to show off your tight, toned arms?