A chemical peel is a non-surgical treatment that enhances the appearance and quality of the skin on the face, neck or hands. It’s achieved by applying a chemical solution to the skin that causes the skin to exfoliate and peel off. There are three levels of chemical peel, light, medium, and deep. Each type is used differently depending on which imperfections to target, such as:

• Aging skin
• Crow’s feet
• Discoloring
• Dry skin
• Scars
• Sun damaged skin
• Wrinkles

For the light peel, it is most common to use natural resources, such as fruit enzymes, or another mild acid, in order to gain renewed and exfoliated skin. The treatment is used to target mild skin discoloration and rough skin and refreshes the face, neck, chest or hands. Recovery generally takes 1-7 days, and initially, your skin may appear red and may scale. Makeup, however, can usually be worn the next day. Meanwhile, it is important to apply lotion or cream until the skin heals, followed by the daily use of sunscreen.

Commonly, glycolic acid or a diluted trichloroacetic acid is used for a medium depth peel. The results tend to be more effective in reducing age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, freckles and correcting skin discoloration. This treatment also smooths rough skin as well as treats some precancerous skin growths. Afterward, recovery is expected to take 7-14 days. Similar to the light peel, the skin is expected to initially be red and swollen. However, the skin should crust and peel off in seven to 14 days. Meanwhile, the skin must be soaked daily for a specified period, followed by ointment application. Additionally, antiviral medication is taken for 10 to 14 days, and mild lotion or cream may be applied. Fortunately, makeup may be worn after five to seven days. Lastly, to ensure the success of the treatment, a follow-up appointment will be necessary to monitor progress.

In most cases, a higher-strength trichloroacetic acid or carbolic acid is used to ensure a more in depth treatment. The deep peel, as the most extensive treatment, is expected to remove moderate lines, age spots, freckles and shallow scars, while ultimately improving the appearance of your skin. Recovery is only expected to take 14-21 days. Any treated area will be bandaged, and your skin must be soaked four to six times daily. Ointment application is necessary for the first 14 days, followed by a thick moisturizer for the following week. Makeup may be worn 14 days after treatment. Due to the intensity of the procedure, the deep peel can usually only be performed once.

The risks involved with a chemical peel vary according to the depth, as well as the extent of treated areas. There are known permanent, undesirable aftereffects including scarring and hypopigmentation (“bleached skin”). To best avoid any associated risks, it’s important to seek out the right dermatologist or surgeon.

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