There are many ways to conceal and slow the signs of aging. Makeup and night cream can go a long way, but there are some signs of aging that reach below the surface. As skin loses its elasticity, it is common for the jawline to lose it shape, often resulting in fat and skin relaxation in the lower face, creating a jowl. Depending on an individual’s genetics this can occur at different stages in the aging process. Losing youthful contours can be difficult to accept. Happily, many men and women have learned that they don’t have to live their life with an unshapely jaw line.

The Procedure
A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure that is specifically designed to correct abnormal contours in the lower face and neck. Similar to a brow lift, a neck lift is performed with an incision and the subsequent removal and reconstruction of fat tissue. When necessary, the muscles holding your skin to your neck are tightened and excess skin is trimmed away. Each situation is unique and the extent of the surgery depends on both the patient and the desired outcome after recovery.

After the Surgery
Given the location of the procedure, many patients are concerned that the recovery time may be lengthy. It may take several weeks for swelling and light bruising to subside, so it is important to be gentle with your jaw in the interim. Dr. Kadz always implores patients to avoid strenuous activity as it may aggravate the incision and lead to an increase in healing time. After swelling subsides, neck lift patients can begin to truly appreciate the youthful jawline that they thought they had lost forever.

Individuals all over the country have already experienced the youthful appearance of a rejuvenated jaw line. Of course, a neck lift can’t change the aging process, but it can ensure that you are looking and feeling your best. The first step to restoring a beautiful facial contour is a personal consultation with Dr. Kadz at our state-of-the-art facility. Contact our friendly team today!