The Benefits of Breast Lifts

Your body is a work of art. When it comes to your masterpiece, you have a right to know the safe and effective options to help you look and feel your best! If you’re considering a breast lift surgery, you’ll be happy to know that the risk is low and the benefits are plenty! Let’s take a look.

Improved Breast Shape
There are so many reasons that your breasts may be irregularly shaped. Perhaps you’re still improving your shape after pregnancy, maybe it’s simply gravity and age. Either way, a breast lift is a safe process for getting the exact curves you want.

Desirable Areola Size
A common occurrence among women is an areola that is stretched or disproportionate. In order to fix this, the breast lift procedure changes the size and shape of your areola to your desired look.

Nipple Location
Gravity takes a heavy toll on the body the more time goes by. When breasts begin to droop, it’s possible for your nipples to fall below the breast crease, especially when unsupported. A breast lift can restore your breasts to a perky shape with the nipples back where you want them.

Symmetric Breasts
Undergoing a growth spurt during puberty or uneven estrogen levels are only two of many reasons why your breasts may lack symmetry. Evening your breast shape through surgery is an easy way to resolve this common asymmetric occurrence!

The last benefit, but maybe most important, is a boosted self-image. Lifting your confidence can be as simple as lifting your breasts. A breast lift might be exactly what you need to feel comfortable in your skin and proud of your curves.

A Safe Procedure
The breast lift procedure was revolutionized in 2002 and 2007 when surgeons discovered safer ways to operate on breasts. With continual improvements in the procedure every year, it’s safer than ever!

Getting the Best Results
As with any medical procedure, there are some risks when going under the knife. However, these risks are drastically reduced when you work with an experienced and qualified board-certified surgeon like Dr. Kadz.

Post Weight-Loss: Re-Defining Your Body After Dramatic Weight-Loss

Hard work pays off. If you’ve been steadfast with your diet and exercise, you’re likely to see the numbers on your bathroom scale drop quickly. Losing unwanted extra weight is an amazing feeling, but it does bring with it a few challenges. For example, you may find that your old clothes are ill-fitting for your new body. In the same way that your wardrobe will change, your skin will also need to adapt to your new physique.

Reshaping Your Skin Post Weight-Loss
No matter how much time you put into sculpting your body, your skin will likely resist your effort. Gravity, age, and genetics typically leave women with drooping skin. So, what’s the easy solution? Post weight-loss surgery.

How It Works
Post weight-loss surgery may be the perfect finale for your masterpiece. After taking control of your body, you deserve skin that fits your curves. The procedure works to remove that pesky, excess fat and skin and restore weakened or separated muscles.

Results You Want
Completing the operation will give your body the toned look you desire. Whether you’re still recovering from pregnancy or you have a genetic struggle with loose skin, the post weight-loss surgery will leave your body taut and lean.

Recovering Better Than New
After a successful surgery, you can expect to resume your normal activities in 3-5 weeks. Each patient is different, which is why it is crucial to choose a qualified surgeon that offers individual attention to each unique case. That way, you can get back to your day-to-day as soon and as safe as possible.

Getting the Best Results
You’re guaranteed to get the best results when you work with an experienced and qualified board-certified surgeon like Dr. Kadz. At our office, we will help you choose the perfect solution for your individual needs.

With over 20 years of experience, you can relax knowing you’re in good hands. Contact Dr. Kadz today to turn your work of art into a masterpiece to proudly display.

Brazilian Buttock Lift: How to Get the Butt You Always Dreamed Of

Did you know approximately 97% of women will think, “I hate my body,” just today? About 20,000 ladies across the U.S. have negative self-image thoughts in the time it takes to read this paragraph. But what if there was a way to take fat away from unwanted areas and use it to fill your curves elsewhere?

What is the Brazilian Butt Lift?
The Brazilian butt lift is known professionally as buttock augmentation, but its better known as the best way to achieve a fuller, firmer butt. That’s why nearly 26,000 women completed the procedure last year.

How It Works
The procedure works to repurpose fats from less ideal areas (like your abdomen, thighs, hips, and back) to your rear-end making it rounder. Your surgeon will simply use a fat grafting technique to balance your figure, and you’ll be sporting the butt of your dreams in no time.

The expected downtime changes person to person, which is another reason a qualified professional, like Dr. Kadz, is crucial for the procedure. With the right surgeon, you can expect to get back to your routine as quick and safe as possible. Once the initial swelling and bruising diminish after two to four weeks, you’ll start truly enjoying your curves.

Why You’ll Love It
After your recovery, you’ll feel like a whole new person. The satisfaction rate is incredible because ladies around the country are rewarded by not only a backside with wonderful shape and contour but also a refreshed self-image!

To learn more about Brazilian butt lift procedures you can call us at 310-276-3662 or you can fill out this Contact Us form online. We will help you choose the perfect solution for your individual needs. With over 20 years of experience, you can relax knowing you’re in good hands.

Reasons for Breast Augmentations

Last year 300,378 breast augmentation procedures were performed in the US alone. That’s over 800 people a day! Woman are enjoying the benefits of new and improved breasts. With the procedure increasing in popularity, here are a few reasons why you could be next:

Arm Tuck: Reduce Flabby Arms in No Time

The reasons for loose, sagging skin are unforgiving and numerous:

  • Common aging
  • Hereditary
  • Weight loss
  • Sun exposure

If you suffer from these issues, there’s no need to panic. It’s never been easier to regain tight plump skin!